The NEW Scribble Journal

Every day is a brand new opportunity to get the pieces together and decide how you want your life to be like. Despite the unfavorable days, continue to embrace and celebrate, ‘cos every thought and effort count. And all of these make you, YOU!

As you scribble on this journal, we hope to be a part of your every day, cheering for you to be mindful of the wellness you need. Because life is a continuous journey of becoming a better person each single day. All you have to do is to take it #OneScribbleAtATime.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Monthly Artwork Spread

We want you to discover more about yourself and get back on your feet! Get inspiration from the writeups by answering the the prompts. Try to understand your feelings more to help you move forward with better life choices.

Monthly View Spread

We know how excited you look forward to brighter days! This time, our spacious and colorful monthly spread lets you set your tone, remind you of your key tasks and finally, help you remember your most important dates.

Weekly Spread View

Curate the days according to YOU! Scribble your thoughts or simply, paste your mood aspirations in between your schedules. It may not be one-day-per-page but with its undated blank pages, you can still explore around and target your goals. It only takes all your creativity efforts to make it all happen!

Wellness and Mindfulness activities

It's always about YOU! And, we made it extra special - more than just learning to love yourself more, we encourage you to affirm yourself and honor your progress every now and then. We believe that by checking how you grow every time is a step forward to sharing a greater love to everyone around you.

Every day is a beginning 

to a better YOU!

It's never too early or too late to achieve the wellness and mindfulness you need. Life is not a race; you can assess yourself and your entire year on how it will work for you one step at a time.

With this journal, set things free and scribble your heart out! And as you write on, you'll already be evaluating your ways to make the most out of your days and surely, the little things that are constant in your life will surely bring joy whenever you feel blue.

Doodle Bundle

Bring out your ideas, thoughts, plans, dreams, emotions, and everything you can imagine — the DOODLE BUNDLE will bring out your creativity!

* Create anything and be anyone

* Make doodles perfectly imperfect

* Show how personal your artwork can be

The only limit is your imagination! Whether you’re a pro or not, it’s nice to cap off the day and #JustDoodleIt.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Monthly Artwork

Inspired by the young and modern FILIPINO that will surely fascinate you. The most exciting part: You can color everything according to your hue. Artworks doodled by Henrick Dulin (@henchmandraws). 

Monthly View

We made sure to give you a LOT of space to schedule anything you want and craft everything you can imagine.

Weekly View

Plan out your week according to YOU. No disruptive solid lines or anything, just space and freedom for you to write.

Pen Capsule Doodle

Now, let’s make anything happen with just your pen and paper – and of course, your best-loved Pen Case in Doodles! Artworks Doodled by Jeini Relova (@jeinidoodles) 

The Only Limit is your Imagination!

Lots of people claim that they don’t know how to draw because drawing has this notion of perfection and accuracy. And that you need to put in SO MUCH work to finally say “Now I’m good at this”. But hey, you don’t actually need to overthink this because in reality, everyone actually can.

Cut the rules because doodling allows you to be imperfect and show how personal an artwork can be. With doodling, you can freely show your emotions, thoughts, ideas, rants, advocacies, and everything you can think of or imagine to help you move forward. Trust us, you’ll love the process!

Nickname Monogramming

Own your preferred planner with your nickname on it! Dream big and set your goals in your own phase by claiming it! Get your nickname monogrammed in Gold and start this year with your mark.

Pretty awesome, right?